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What is the RCC beam And Types of RCC Beam

What is the RCC beam | Types of RCC Beam |According to Supported, Shape, Materials

What is the RCC beam And what Types of RCC Beam?

In This Article, I have the topic of RCC beam | Types According to shape | According to supported | According to Use Materials.| This article is the basic knowledge for civil engineering about the beam.

What is the RCC beam?

A beam, in Structural Engineering terms, is a horizontal member that can be comprised of a number of accouterments (including rebar, and wood aluminum) to repel loads generally applied indirectly to the ray axis. Different types of the beam which is used in structural engineering. The most common use of materials is RCC beam.

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Types of RCC beam

The different types of RCC beams depend on the shape depending on the supports and depending on the use of materials.

According to shape, the beam has a T-shape beam, H-shape beam, I-shape beam Rectangle shape beam and etc.

According to replacements, the beam has a single RCC beam double RCC beam.

According to the use of the material, the beam has a wooden beam, aluminum beam, steel beam and etc.

According to the supported system has four types of RCC beam

  1. Simply supported beam
  2. Continues beam
  3. Semi continues beam
  4. Cantilever beam

Simply supported beam

This beam has only a single span which supports by two supports at both is called simply supported beam,

Continues beam

These types of beams which have more the two supports continue at a straight line along the length of the beam. This is called a continuous beam.

Semi continues beam

These types of beams have two-span at the endpoint or center point which is called a semi continuous beam.

Cantilever beam

A cantilever beam is a beam that has only one support at the one point and the other point is beyond the wall or any supports that is .called cantilever beam.

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