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Calculate The Numbers of Items for The Stair Case

Calculate The Numbers For The Stair Case

Before I discussed how to calculate the volume of concrete in the staircase and now In this article, I discussed the staircase and Calculate The Numbers of Items for the Stair Case.

What is the staircase?


And my next topic is land surveying which I will explain how to start the work on-site with one point of co-ordinate and how to set the total station in one point.

A series of steps to connect the two floors of the building is called stairs. and the room in which the stair is made is called staircase.

now we calculate the number of items on the staircase.

we have given data on the sketch. we will calculate with help of the sketch

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Calculate The Numbers of Items for The Stair Case


Calculate The Quantity of Items of Stair Case
S NO Particular of items No L H Q(m3) Remarks
1 R.C.C (1:2:4)excluding steel and fabrication but including centering and sheltering and binding wire
a:Toe wal 1×1 3.15 0.3 0.4 0.38 L=(1.2+0.15)+(1.2+2×0.3)


b:waist slab 1 and 2 flight L2 =(2.75)2+(1.65)2=3.21M 1×2 3.21 1.2 0.17 1.31
C:landing midle and 1st floor 1×2 2.85 1.65 0.17 1.6 l=(1.2+0.15)+(1.2+2×0.15


total 3.29m3
2 1st class bricks work in C.M(1:4)for steps 2×11 1.2 1/2(0.25+1.5)=0.495
3 20mm thick cement plastering (1:5)for steps finished neat
a: tread and rises 2×11 1.2 x)0.025+0.15)=10.56
b: ends of steps 2×11 1/2(.25+1.5)=.0.41
total 10.97
4 2.5mm nosing in steps 2×11 1.2 28.8RM
5 2.5mm C.C flooring finished neat cement floating in middle and first-floor landing 1×2 2.55 1.2 6.12m2
6 supplying and facing of best teak wood handrail finished smooth 1×1 6.67 6.67RM
7 supply and facing of best teak wood newel post &finished smoot 1×2 1 0.1 0.1 0.02m3
8 a cap of newal post 1×2 2nos

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