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  • Civil Engineering

    Calculate The Numbers of Items for The Stair Case

    Calculate The Numbers For The Stair Case Before I discussed how to calculate the volume of concrete in the staircase and now In this article, I discussed the staircase and Calculate The Numbers of Items for the Stair Case. What is the staircase?   And my next topic is land surveying which I will explain how to start the work…

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  • Quantity Surveyingestimate of t-wall

    Estimate of the T-wall and What is The T-Shape Wall

    Estimate of the T-wall and what is the T shape wall? what is the t shape wall? when two walls meet vertically each other in such a way that one wall is built in the middle of the other, the walls are called T-walls. Example: work the following quantities from given data and sketch 1 Earthwork    2 Concrete work …

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