Architectural Engineering

  • Pre Stress Double Tee Design Calculation

    Pre Stress Double Tee Design Calculation Today I have a topic about double Tee design calculation |Pre Stress Double Tee Design Calculation. A pre-tensioned merely supported 10LGT24 double T-beam while not topping, it’s subjected to an identical superimposed gravity dead-load intensity Wsp and burden W₁. W=420lb/ft                             …

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  • What are The causes of building cracks

    What are the causes of building cracks? In This Article, I will discuss What are The Causes of building cracks introduced Of Cracking and the Causes of Cracks, The Size of cracks | Shapes of cracks. What are The Causes of building cracks Introduction of cracking Structures and alternative erected structures are moving all the time, however, typically these movements…

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  • How To Find The Bar Bending Schedule for Lintel Beam

    How To Find The Bar Bending Schedule for Lintel Beam   what is the lintel beam? The lintel beam is the type of horizontal beam. this beam is put on the above door or windows. the lintel beam is the main purpose to support the load.How To Find The Bar Bending Schedule for Lintel Beam in this article, we calculate…

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  • What is the Detail and Types of Curves

    what is the curve? types of curve and detail of all curve What is the Curve? If a straight line changes the direction of rotation at a certain point, then the one with a change is called a curve. This particular point is called the center of the curve. Types of Curve there are different types of built in the…

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  • What are Rooftops? Types and purpose.

    What Square Measure Rooftops and Types?

    What square measure rooftops and types? The fundamental states of rooftops square measure level, mono-pitched, gabled, mansard, hipped, butterfly, falciform and rounded. There square measure varied minor departures of those sorts. Rooftops developed of level square measureas that square measure slanted are alluded to as pitched rooftops (for the foremost half forward the purpose surpasses ten degrees) What is the…

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  • Civil Engineerings

    Basic Information For Civil Engineers

    Basic information For Civil Engineers In this example, the compact portrayal is conferred on a couple of subjects, as an example, steel mass for every meter, set amendment viewpoints, grade of concrete, and also the specific load of planning materials. The information is extremely helpful for Structural Specialists and Civil Engineers.   Steel weight for each meter The weight is…

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  • Standard Reinforcement and Concrete Works Details

    Standard Reinforcement & Concrete Works Details The design of a concrete combine involves a preparation method during which the combination of parts creates the desired strength and toughness for the concrete structure. as a result of every part within the combine contains completely different properties, it’s not a straightforward task to create a good concrete combine.   Concrete combine quantitative…

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  • How to Calculate Block Masonry Work

    Block Masonry Calculation In This Article, I will discuss block masonry | the calculation of block masonry | How to Calculate Block Masonry Works. What is The Block Masonry? A concrete masonry unit (CMU) is a rectangular block of the standard size used to build a building. Those who use slag (ash or soil ash) as an aggregate material are…

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