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Load Calculation For Column Beam And Slab Design Calculation

Load Calculation For Column |Load Calculation For Slab |Load Calculation For Beam

Load Calculation for Column Beam And Slab Design Calculation

Today I have a topic about Load Calculation for Column Beam and Slab Design Calculation | what is column | what is beam | what is slab. Load Calculation for Column Beam and Slab Design Calculation

What Is Column

Column length is generally 3 times their least side cross-sectional dimension. The Strength of any column substantially depends on its shape and size of cross-section, length, position, and position of the column. A Column is a perpendicular element in a structure, which is substantially designed to carry the compressive and buckling cargo. The column is one of the important structural members of the structure. As per Cargo coming on the column, size is increased or dropped.

What Is Beam

The Beam is a vertical structural member in erecting construction, which is designed to carry shear force, and bending moment, and transfer the cargo to columns on both ends of it. Beam’s bottom portion gests pressure force and upper portion contraction force. Thus, Further sword underpinning is handed at the bottom compared to the top of the ray.

 What Is Slab

The slab is a position structural element of the structure which handed to produce a flat hard face. These flat shells of crossbeams are employed for making bottoms, roofs, and ceilings. It’s a vertical structural member whose size may vary depending upon the structure size and area and its consistence also may vary. But arbor minimum consistency is specified for normal construction around 125 mm. Generally, every arbor is supported by a ray, column, and walll.

Load Calculation for Column Beam and Slab Design Calculation

Load Calculation on Column

We know that the Self–the weight of Concrete is around 2400kg/m3 which is equivalent to 240kN and the Self–the weight of Steel is around 8000kg/m3.


If the column size of 300 mm x 450 mm with 1% steel and 3 meters standard height, the self–weight of the column is around 1000kg/floor That is equal to 10kN.

Volume of the Concrete = 0.300 x 0.450 x 3.000 =0.405m³

Weight of the Concrete = 0.405 x 2400 = 972kg

Weight of the Steel (1%) in Concrete = 0.405x 0.01 x 8000 = 32.4kg

Total Weight of the Column = 972 + 32.4 =  1004.4kg/m = 10.044KN/m

Column design calculations, suppose the self–weight of the columns is between 10 to 15kN /floor.

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Beam Load Calculation

The Same Method of Calculations for the beams

If the each meter of the beam dimensions is 350mm x 400mm without slab thickness.

Volume of the Concrete = 0.350×0.400 x 1 =0.14m³

Weight of the Concrete = 0.14×2400 = 336kg

Weight of the Steel (2%) in Concrete = 0.14x 0.02 x 8000 = 22.40kg

Total Weight of the Beam = 336+ 22.40= 358kg/m = 3.5KN/m

The self-weight will have 3.5kN/r.m (r.m=running mete

Wall Load Calculation

I know about the Density of the bricks varies between 1500 to 2000kg/m3

Suppose 9 inches thick Brick wall of 2.5–meters in height and a length of 1 meter,

The load of wall/running meter to be equal to 0.225 x 1 x 2.5 x 2000 = 1125kg

This method can be used for load calculations of Brick/r.m for any type of brick.

For the aerated concrete blocks and autoclaved concrete blocks, like Aerocon or Siporex, the weight/m3 is b/w 550 to 700kg

Slab Load Calculation

Suppose the thickness of the slab =125mm.

The Self–weight of each m2 of the slab = 0.125 x 1 x 2400 = 300 kg =3kN

Now we consider the Finishing load up to 1kN/m and the superimposed live load up to 2kN/m

By the given data we can calculate the slab load will be up to 6 to 7kN /m

Safety factor

At the end when complete calculating the entire load on a column must be added to the safety factor. F.S is most important for any building design for the safe and convenient performance of the building during its design and life duration.

The factor of safety is 1.5.

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