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Highways Engineering Interview MCQ’S

Highways Engineering Interview MCQ’S

Today I have a topic about Highways Engineering Interview MCQ |Highways Engineering Test MCQ’S.

Highways Engineering Interview MCQ’S

1-A section road with a hydrocarbon pavement incorporates a horizontal curve of thousand m for a style speed of seventy-five kilo Meter pH. The super-elevation is

A-1 in 40 – Answer

B-1 in 50

C- 1 in 60

D- None of these

2- Minimum value of camber provided thiin hydrocarbon surface hill roads, is





3-The design of horizontal and vertical alignment super-elevaation, sights distance, and grades is worst choked with A

A-width of the vehicle

B-length of the vehicle

C-height of the vehicle

D-speed of the vehicle –Answer

3-The total length of a natural depression formed by two gradients – three-dimensional and + 2 curves between the two tangent points to provide a rate of change of centrifugal acceleration O.6 m/sec2, for a mode speed 100 metric linear unit pH scale, is

A-16.0 m

B-42.3 m

C-84.6 m-Answer

D-none of these.

4-Traffic engineering simply includes

A-planning of restrictive measures

B-design and application of management devices

C-analysis of traffic characteristics

D-all the on top of-Answer

5- As per recommendations of I.R.C., traffic volume study is disbursed for rural roads for seven days unendingly throughout


B-lean season

C-harvesting and lean season-Answer

D-none of these.

6–For water positive macadam roads in localities of serious rain, the recommended quantity of camber is

A-1 in 30

B- 1 in 36-Answer

C- 1 in 48

D- 1 in 60

7–When the path traveled on the horizontal surface is over the circumferential movement of the wheels as a result of rotation, then it finishes up in





8-constant of friction may be a smaller quantity once the pavement surface is heating and attachment Multiple different queries and …



C-swish and dry

D- swish and wet-Answer

9-cluster index technique of favor of versatile pavement is

A- theoretical technique

B-AN empirical technique supported physical properties of sub-grade soil – Answer

C- AN empirical technique supported strength characteristics of subgrade soil

D- A semi-empirical technique

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10-Which of the next is taken under consideration to be the most effective quality construction inside the cluster of black high pavements?

A- Mastic asphalt

B-Sheet asphalt

C- hydrocarbon carpet

D-hydrocarbon concert – Answer

11- L-A testing machine is utilized to conduct

A-Abrasion check – Answer

B-Impact check

C-Attrition check

D-Crushing strength check

12-When the breadth of automobile parking space and breadth of the street unit of measurement are restricted, the typically preferred parking system is

A-Parallel parking – Answer

B-45° angle parking

C-65° angle parking

D- 90° angle parking

13-The performance of AN enlargement joints in rigid pavements is to

A- Relieve warp stresses

B- Relieve shrinkage stresses

C-Resist stresses as a result of enlargement

D-modify free enlargement – Answer

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