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Elements of The Road & Carriage Method Details

Elements of The Road & Carriage method Details

In This Article, I will discuss the Elements of The Road & Carriage Method Details.

Elements of Road:

1. Carriage Way:

The breadth of pavement method on that vehicles travel is termed roadway or pavement breadth.

2. facet Slope:-

The slope of wall in filling or in cutting is termed facet slope. It imparts stability to the wall.
For Filling:
Normally, 1:2
For Cutting:

Sr. No.

Type of Soil



Ordinary Soil

1:1 to 1:1/2


Broken Rock

1:1/2 to 1:1/4


Soft Rock

1:1/4 to 1:1/8


Hard Rock

Approx. Perpendicular

3. Berm:-


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a.the space between the road toe and also the inner fringe of the pit is termed a berm.
b. It prevents the erosion of mound soil.

4. Boundary Stone:

a .to point the boundary of land nonheritable for road, stones square measure driven into the bottom at concerning 30m distance on either facet from the centerline of the road. These stones square measure referred to as a boundary stone.

5. facet Drain:-

For the drain of rain, drains square measure provided on either facet of the road. Normally, facet drains square measure needed for the road in cutting. For roads within the mound, a facet drain isn’t necessary.

6. Building Line:-

The distance from the centerline of the road on either facet, among that construction of buildings isn’t allowable is termed the Building line.

7. management Line:-

At the locations like banks, hospitals, factories, theaters, etc. on the road, wherever a lot of individuals gather disturbance to the traffic are a lot of.

8. Spoil Bank:-

The banks made from surplus excavated earth on the facet of the road cutting parallel to its alignment, a square measure referred to as Spoil banks. U The soil from the spoil bank are often used for the repair of shoulders.

9. Borrow Pits:-

a. The pits mammary gland on the road alignment for victimization excavated earth within the construction of mound, square measure referred to as borrow pits.
b. the tiny portion of earth left undug during a pit to live the depth of excavation is understood as a dead man.

10.  curbstone

the curbstone is that stone that has to on the edge of road or footpath Is called  curbstone.

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