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What is the Detail and Types of Curves

what is the curve? types of curve and detail of all curve

What is the Curve?

If a straight line changes the direction of rotation at a certain point, then the one with a change is called a curve. This particular point is called the center of the curve.

Types of Curve

there are different types of built in the field but there are basically two types of curve 

Circular curve

Transition Curve 

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Circular curve

This type of curve is the part of the circle .redius is equal to its full circumference. the following different types of the curve is below

Simple curve 

Compound curve 

Reverse curve

Simple curve 

A simple curve is the part of a circle. the radius of its complete testimony remained the same as its joint the straight line. round mane along a straight line.

Elements of simple curve 

intersection =  1=180-Φ

central angle   =    Φ

tangent length =  T  =  R tan Φ/2

length of chord =   L = 2Rsin Φ/2

lenght of curve  =  l   =πR Φ/180

apex distance   =   bf = R(sec Φ/2-1 )

versed sine   =      EF =  R(1-cos Φ/2 )

Calculate the degrees of the curve when the radius are given

Radius =  1720m   and 1146ft  

D = 1720/R    (in meter)                  D   =   1720/R    (in feet)

D   =  1720/1720                            D   =   1720/1146

D   =  1º                                        D    =   5º 

Compound curve

This curve comprised of at least two roundabout circular segments of progressively more limited or longer radius joined digressively without inversion of the arch and utilized on some railroad tracks and thruways as an easement bend to give a less unexpected change from digression to full bend or the other way around.

Reverse curve

An S- shape curve (as in a rail route line or an expressway) made by joining two straightforward curves turning in inverse bearings comprehensively stretch framed of two oppositely turning basic curves joined by a digression.

Transition Curve 

This curve is also called the easement curve. the radius of this curve does not change but gradually change this circle is placed between the straight line and the wire v rounded circular corner so that the vehicle will be from the straight line to the circular cornea or the circular cornea be due to this roundness, the passengers in the car are protected from the water and the shell.

Relationship Between Degree and Radius of Curve 

The relation between the length of the chain and the radius of the curve is expressed in the following method.

length of chain      =   R×D

       D  =  length of chain/R      (in radians)

                   D  =  length of chain/R .180/π    |9in degrees)

where          D  =  degree of curve 

                   R  =  Radius of the curve




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