Bar Bending Schedule

Bar Bending Schedule For RCC Beam

Calculate The Bar Bending Schedule For RCC Beam

Today in this article I will explain the bar bending schedule for the RCC beam. the meaning of the bar bending schedule is bbs the compete for detail of steel which is used in beam find the length of steel diameter of steel weight of steel.

What is the RCC Beam?

A beam, in Structural Engineering terms, is a horizontal member that can be comprised of a number of accouterments (including rebar, wood aluminum) to repel loads generally applied indirectly to the ray axis. Different types of the beam which is used in structural engineering. The most common use of materials is the RCC beam.

Now we calculate the bar bending schedule for the RCC beam

given data 

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clear span of beam=4.800m

concrete cover top and bottom=25mm

clear cover on ends=40mm

diameter of bottom bar=16mm

diameter of crank bar=16mm

diameter of top bar=12mm

dai meter of strips =8mm

spacing of strrips=150mm


Main bars diameter 16mm

cutting length of main bar= clear span+2w.t+2bends-2 concrete cover

cutting length of main bar=4800+2(230)+2(2d)-2(40)

cutting length of main bar=4800+460+2(2×16)-80

cutting length of main bar=5260+64-80=5244mm=5.244m

Number of main bar=2

Total length of main bar= length of one bar×number of bar

Total length of main bar=5.244×2=10.488m

Weight of the main bars 

weight of main bar=d²/162.25×total length

weight of main bar=16²/162.25×10.488

weight of main bar=256/162.25×10.488

weight of main bar=16.548kg=17kg


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Bar Bending Schedule for Footing

Top bars dia 12mm

Cutting length of top bar= clear span+2w.t+2bends-2 concrete cover

Cutting length of topbar=4800+2(230)+2(2d)-2(40)

Cutting length of top bar=4800+460+2(2×12)-80

Cutting length of top bar=5260+2(24)-80

Cutting length of top bar=5260+48-80=5228mm=5.228m

Number od top bar=2Nos

Total length of top bar=length of one bar × number of bar

Total length of top bar=5.228× 2=10.456m

Weight of Top Bars

weight of top bar =d²/162.25×total length

weight of top bar =12²/162.25×10.456

weight of top bar =144/162.25×10456=9.279kg=10kg

Crank Bar diameter 16mmH

Cutting length of crank bar=clear span+2crank length 2w.t+2bends-2 concrete cover

crank length= 0.42d

crank length=0.42(16)=6.72mm

Cutting length of crank bar=4800+2(6.72)+2(230)+2(2d)-2(40)

Cutting length of crank bar=4800+13.44+460+2(2×16)-80=5257.4mm=5.258m

Number of crank bar=2nos

total length of crank bar=length of one bar×number of bar

Total length of crank bar=5.258×2=10.516m

Weight of crank Bar

Weight of crank bar=d²/162.25×total length

Weight of crank bar=16²/162.25×10.516

Weight of crank bar=256/162.25×10.516=16.592=17kg

Stirrups Diameter 8mm

Cutting length of stirrups=2(L+w)+3d+2hook-4concrete cover

Cutting length of stirrups=2(500+230)+3(8)+2(9d)-4(25)

Cutting length of stirrups=2(730)+24+2(9×8)-100

Cutting length of stirrups=1460+24+144-100=1528mm=1.528m

Number of stirrups=Total length of beam and wall/spacing+1

Number of stirrups=5260/150+1=36.06=37nos

Total length of stirrups=length of one stirrups×number of stirrups

Total length of stirrups=1.528×37=56.536m

Weight of crank Bar 

weight of crank Bar=d²/162.25×total length

weight of crank Bar=8²/162.25×56.536=22.300kg=23kg


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