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What is the Cross Wall | Box Foundation Construction | Advantages and Disadvantages

What is the Cross Wall Construction | Box Foundation Construction | Advantages and Disadvantages

What Is The Crosss Wall|Box Fundation Construction| Advantages Disadvantages

In this article i will explain the Intordution of cross of cross wall introduction of box foundation.advantage of cross wal and box foundation.disadnavatages of cross wall and box foundation.What Is The Crosss Wall|Box Fundation Construction |Advantages Dsiadvantages.What Is The Crosss Wall Construction|Box Fundation & Construction|Advantages Disadvantages

What Is The Crosss Wall Construction?

Cross wall construction could also be outlined as a method of building construction within which the formed supporting walls area unit set perpendicular to the lateral axis of the building.
In this style of construction, the floors, roofs, and beams area unit strengthened by the supporting walls.
The structures shaped with the cross wall technique area unit structurally economical and low cost. this sort of construction is additionally called box frame construction.

What Is The Crosss Wall|Box Fundation Construction|Advantages Disadvantages

Options of Cross Wall Construction  

The options of cross wall construction area unit as follows:
1. In cross wall construction, the prefab walls area unit unbroken serial.

2. These supporting walls transmit the structural hundreds safely to the inspiration while not the requirement for a concrete or steel frame.

3. They conjointly work as shear walls so dominant the building from sideways motion.

4. Cross wall construction is sufficiently applicable for buildings with a most of five stories wherever all the floors have duplicate plans.

5. The intermediate floor span in between the supporting walls provides adequate sideways restraint.

6. If each the supporting walls and also the floors area unit formed members, then a series of boxes area unit shaped.

Construction Procedure of Cross Wall  

The construction of the cross wal are Bellow

1- formed parts area unit carried to the placement for the preparation of the cross wall.

2-The formed wall parts area unit set each horizontally and vertically. they’re grouted and connected as per the arrange with the employment of secret joints and ties.

3-Before finishing the total structure, mechanical & electrical installation works, finishing works and different miscellaneous works on the walls need to be achieved.

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Step to Connect Cross Walls  

The cross walls could also be connected in three Step in which area unit as bellow

1- Wall-to-wall by Horizontal Joints
2- Wall-to-wall by vertical joints
3-Wall to the bottom foundation

Uses of the Cross Wall 

1. It makes the structure inflexible and substantial.
2. It makes the structure extremely appropriate for acoustic separation.

Benefits of The Cross Walls  

1. The initial construction value of cross-wall is a smaller amount.

2. No want for system throughout the development of the Cross wall.

3. the development of cross walls gains smart thermal mass.

4. It provides nice security.

5. The structure stays monolithic with appropriate airtightness.

6. Cross-wall construction methodology conserves huge time and price.

7. it’s extremely immune to fireplace.

Unfavourable of The Cross Walls  

1. tough to arrange an acceptable arrange.

2. good work force is required.

3. Inappropriate style and construction of connections impact the sturdiness of the structure.

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