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What Is The Basic Top Ten Rules For The Column Design

Basic Rules For Column Design|Important Rules For Column Design|Tumb Rules For The Column Design|Calculation Of Column Design

What Is The Basic Top Ten Rule For Column Design

Basic Rules For Column Design. Important Rules For Column Design.Tumb Rules For The Column Design.Calculation Of Column Design.What Is The Coulmn..What Is The Basic Top Ten Rules The For Column Design.

What is The Coulmn?

Column is the vertical member of building.column is use for transfer the load of building into bottom.column have many types according to shape and size like a square rectangle etc..What Is The Basic Top Ten Rules For The Column Design

What Is The Basic Top Ten Rules For The Column Design

when we construct the building like one two or more then one story we need also Rcc column for load trasnfer to bottom of other building members.

Top Ten Basic Rules to Design the column.

when we need to construct the square coulmn.

Why select sq. column therefore select sq. column for AXIAL LOAD,
when the compression load comes on the middle of the columns that whose sq. column during this case, you’ll select sq. column.

when we need to construct the for rectangular column

1- select for rectangular column during which case for
Eccentric Axial load. once the load comes on the eccentric purpose. A eccentric purpose suggests that while not center once the load comes on the any purpose however not at the middle of the colum

2- The Basic purpose suggests that this can be length ought to be bigger than dimension
of the column.

3- This Rule of our RCC column is Spacing of ties this can be customary spacing of ties ought to be between 1OO to 2OO millimeter.

4- This rule is diameter of longitudinal bar ought to be between 12 to 22 millimeter.

5- This rule of style of column is concrete cowl from the middle of steel to exterior purpose ought to be 25 millimeter are additional. More means that the 25 to 4O millimeter you’ll keep this can be the quality however specially 25. But here this one not from the middle it ought to be not but 15 millimeter.

6-Use minimum M20 grade concrete in column and quantitative relation is (1:1.5:3) .Here one is cement, 1.5 is sand, three is mixture.

7-Is longitudinal bar ought to be bend Duck leg.

8- Is use four numbers steel bars sq. ar rectangular column

Use minimum 04 numbers of longitudinal bars and sq. OR rectangular column

9- Is 16 times of the diameter of main.

10-The basic rules is prime and bottom space of column ought to be same. its prime and bottom ought to be space okay therefore the space ought to be same.

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