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Working Out Quantities of U Shaped Wall

Working Out Quantities of U Shaped Wall


what is u shaped wall?

Today I explain in this article the working out quantities of u wall, what is u shaped how to calculate the estimate of u shaped wall. and also explain the step on how to determine the length of the u wall. Working Out Quantities of U Shaped Wall

when two sides are formed in a wall when two sides of the third round wall it is called a U-shaped wall. the different names of the three walls are assigned to determine the fate. such as wall as like A B C etc on the surface of the structure, the total length is determined by adding the length of the three walls. for this, the length of straight walls is usually known while the diameter or radius of a round wall is known. this is done by extending the diameter or radius to the centerline of the wall to determine the length of the circular wall lengths of straight walls also goes in this length. In this way, the length of the wall on the sage on the superstructure is known. the following formula is then used to determine the length of a circular wall.


Where  L = length of the centerline of the circular wall

R = Radius of curve up to centerline.

we have given data in the sketch 

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ESTIMATE OF U WALL description No L B H Q Remarks
1 excavation 1 13.15 0.7 0.5 4.60m3 13.15=3+3+(0.70-0.30)
2 concrete (1:4:8) 1 13.15 0.7 0.3 2.76me
3 bricks work in foundation and plinth
step 1 1 12.95 0.5 0.2 1.30m3
step 2 1 12.85 0.4 0.6 3.08m3
total 4.38m3
4 D.P.C  2.5″ thick (1:2:4) 1 12.75 0.3 3.83m3
5 bricks work in the superstructure 1 12.75 0.3 3 11.48
6 cement plaster(1:4)20mm thick
 level 2 12.85 0.6 15.42m2
above to plinth level 2 12.75 3 72.50m2
total 91.92m2
7 whitewash as per item no 6 91.92m2

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