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What Is The lintel And Types of Lintel In Construction With Full Details

What Is The Lintel |Definition of Lintel | Types of Lintel In Construction With Full Details

What Is The lintel And Types of Lintel In ConstructionWith Full Details

Today I will explain the definition of lintel | and the types of lintel in full detail |What Is The lintel And Types of Lintel In Construction With Full Detail| The properties of lintel and its uses lintel| What Is The lintel And the Types of Lintel In Construction With Full Detail. this is an important topic in civil engineering. the basic uses of the lintel on the top of the door window etc.

What Is The lintel And Types of Lintel In Construction With Full Details?

What is the lintel?

A lintel is one form of a beam that is employed to support the higher than wall or partition material for openings like doors, windows, etc to produce a building structure. the first operation of the header is to require hundreds originating from the high wall and transfer its mass onto the facet walls.
The header beam typically ends within the masonry wall to convey the load carried by them to the masonry walls. A lintel’s breadth continually needs to be equivalent because the wall breadth, otherwise your structure is absolute to fall. usually used for bearing functions, these varieties of lintels can even be used for ornamental functions moreover.


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Types of the  Lintel 

Lintel of  Timber

whereas no additional items of the past, ar additional normally utilized in homes made in mountainous areas. the most disadvantages with timber ar additional price, less sturdiness, and vulnerability to the fireplace.

If the length of the gap is additional, then the lentil is made by changing of integrity multiple numbers of wood items with the assistance of steel bolts. just in case of wider walls, a timber intel consists of 2 wood items unbroken at a distance with the assistance of packing items product of wood. Sometimes, steel can even be used at the highest or bottom of wood items to relinquish support.

Lintel of Stone

One of the foremost widely-used varieties of the lintel is the stone header. The thickness is the most vital issue of its style. They are provided the openings in brick walls example wood, stone header is provided within the type of either one single piece or over one piece. they’re running down to spans of two meters.
If the structure is subjected to vibrating hundreds (such as being about to a mill or any in a very place wherever intensive construction is taking place), cracks will kind within the stone header attributable to its weak tensile nature. therefore you would possibly be needed to renew your lintels often.

Lintel of Bricks

These ar used once the gap is a smaller amount than one meter and lesser hundreds ar acting. Its depth varies from ten centimeters to twenty centimeters, looking at the span. Therefore, it’s additional wide utilized in the development of homes.
Bricks with frogs (hollow circles created to be filled) are additional appropriate than traditional bricks as a result of frogs once stuffed with mortar offering additional shear resistance of finish joints that is understood as “joggled brick header.”
There is another quiet brick header, referred to as “reinforced brick header,” that is specifically
used once hundreds ar significant and span is bigger than one metre.
From this, we tend to gather that a hybrid header, one which mixes characteristics of the most effective styles of lintels, is the most suitable choice for your house because it can give tensility and strength at an equivalent time.

Lintel of  Steel

These are a number of the foremost commonly-used varieties of lintels as they will carry hundreds and work best for larger openings. These incorporate sections or rolled steel joists. A single section or a mix may be used, relying upon the length of the gap. whereas steel lintels are lighter and simple to figure with, it’s best if they’re used with concrete to extend sturdiness. There’s only one disadvantage steel tends to rust additional quickly than different materials, like bricks.

Lintel of R.C.C

If you’re trying to find a sort of header that has easy use at cheap rates, then you must undoubtedly inspect bolstered cement concrete (RCC) header. These ar appropriate for all the masses and for any wall breadth. RCC header contains concrete bolstered with steel bars for additional strength and sturdiness.

 Properties and use of different types of lintel



It is a smaller amount sturdy. Timber being flammable is prone to the hearth. These lintels tend to be structurally weak. Without acceptable ventilation, timber is supposed to rot.

Used additional wide in unsmooth areas


It is high in cost and can not face up to excessive thwartwise stress. Vibratory masses will distort structure it’s tough to deploy them in cities as their transportation could be a terribly complicated task.

Not suggested

Brick/Reinforced Brick

Used for little openings provide shear resistanceHeavy loadings and additional substantial span length area unit the issues for brick lintels.

wide utilized in home construction


Steel lintels will be utilized to assist heavier masses over additional outstanding separations while not the requirement to alter or strengthen. Steel lintels area unit fast to rust, erosion, or distorting.Steel lintels area unit additional sensible and less labor-intensive.

Used wide however will be pricey owing to maintenance prices

Reinforced Concrete

The area unit is sturdy, rigid, and powerful. The concrete beam has fire-resistant properties. They are economical and simple in construction. The main advantage of the RC lintels is the ability to suit any size and form.

most generally used


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