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What Is The Building And Components of The Building

What Is The Building |Components of the Building

What Is The Building And Components of the Building?

In this article, I have the topic about the definition of a building and the components of the building in this topic complete detail of all building components. What Is The Building And Components of The Building

What Is The Building?

Building or housing is the most basic would like for a man. “Building” word, we tend to imagine that a building is tall and incorporates a roof, walls, rooms, etc. However, in a broader sense, the definition of a building is structurally constructive supported by bricks, sands, forms of cement, water, concrete, metal and etc.

Components of the Building

The Different Components of the Building are mentioned below.

Roof Of Building

Parapet Wall

Lintels of Building

RCC Beams And Slab of Building

RCC Columns

Damp proof course or DPC of Building

Walls of Building

Floor of Building        

Stairs of Building        

Plinth Beam of Building         

Foundation of Building           

Plinth or Base Level of Building

Roof of Building

The roof is the top component or Portion of a building structure. It covers the top face of the building. The Roofs Have different types like flat or sloped based on the location and weather conditions of the area.

Parapet wall of Building

The Parapets wall is the short wall extended above the roof slab. Parapets wall of the building is main purpose are safety. These are installed for flat roofs.

Lintels of Building

Lintels of Building area unit made on top of the wall openings like doors, windows, etc. These structures support the burden of the wall returning over the gap. Normally, the lintels are units made of strengthened cement concrete. In residential buildings, lintels are often made from concrete or bricks.

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RCC Beams and slabs of Building

Beams and slabs kind the horizontal members in an exceedingly building. For one structure building, the highest block forms the roof. just in the case of a multi-story building, the beam transfers the load returning from the ground on top of the block that is successively transferred to the columns. Beams and slabs ar made by bolstered cement concrete (R.C.C).

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RCC Columns of Building

Columns square measure vertical members created on top of the bottom level. Columns have two types beaux arts columns and structural columns. columns are created to boost the building’s aesthetics whereas a structural column takes the load returning from the block on top of and transfers safely to the muse.

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Damp Proof Course or DPC

Damp Proof Course or DPC may be a layer of waterproofing material applied on the basement level to forestal the increase of surface water into the walls. The walls ar made over the DPC.

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Walls of Building

Walls ar vertical components that support the roof. It is often made of stones, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. Walls give associate degree enclosure and defend against wind, sunshine, rain, etc. Openings ar provided within the walls for ventilation and access to the building.

Floors of Building

The floor is that the surface ordered on the footstall level. The flooring may be done by a spread of materials like tiles, granites, marbles, concrete, etc. Before flooring, the bottom should be properly compacted and leveled.

Stairs of Building

A step could be a sequence of steps that connects completely different floors in an exceedingly building structure. The house occupied by a step is named because of the steps. There square measure differing types of steps sort of a picket stair, R.C.C step etc.

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Plinth Beam of Building

A plinth beam could be a beam structure made either at or higher than the bottom level to require up the load of the wall returning over it.

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Foundation of Building

The Foundation could be a structural unit that uniformly distributes the load from the construction to the underlying soil. this can be the primary structural unit to be made for any building construction. an honest foundation prevents settlement of the building..

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Plinth or Base Level of Building

The plinth or pedestal is made on top of the bottom level. it’s a cement-mortar layer lying between the substructure and therefore the structure


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