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What Is The Dam And Types Of Dam With Detail

What Is The Dam |Types Of Dam | What Is The Dam And Types Of Dam

What Is The Dam And Types Of Dam

In this article, I will explain the dam and types of all dams. with detail and images. definition of the dam. What Is The Dam And Types Of Dam |What Is The Dam|Types Of Dam,

What Is The Dam?

A dam could be a barrier that restricts or stops the flow of water helps suppress floods, as well as providing irrigation, industrial, and cultivation uses. Here square measure seven of the various varieties of dams used across America and what they’re used for.

Different kinds of Dams

There square measure many alternative varieties of dams, and they square measure all a vital part of our country, providing for domestic, industrial, and irrigation uses, together with water for drinking, bathing, electricity power generation, water storage, flood protection, and more.

  • Diversion Dam
  • Buttress Dam
  • Embankment Dam
  • Cofferdam
  • Storage Dam
  • Detention Dam
  • Gravity Dam

1) Diversion Dam

As the name says, a diversion dam is employed to divert water. they supply pressure to push water into ditches, canals, or different areas used for conveyance. Diversion dams square measure usually lower tall and have a little water cargo deck in its upstream.


2) Buttress Dam

Buttress dams will take several forms, however, all of them incorporate a sloping deck supported by intervals of buttresses. There square measure 3 main buttress dams, including multiple arch kinds, huge head kind, and deck kind. Buttress dams typically use less concrete than different dams however aren’t essentially cheaper.

3) Embankment Dam

A mound dam could be a giant, artificial dam that’s made with natural excavated materials or industrial waste materials, like compacted plastics, and varied compositions of soil, sand, rock, and clay.

4) Cofferdam

A caisson could be a temporary, transportable dam used for a spread of comes together with bridge repair, bound restoration, pipeline installation, and lots of different construction comes. A caisson is employed to shut off some or all of the construction space. Aqua-Barrier® expansive Cofferdams square measure made up of top-quality industrial vinyl coated polyester and may be used on all tract and in any conditions. they’re reusable and compact for transportation.

5) Storage Dam

These dams aren’t meant to divert or keep water out, but, to stay water in. Storage dams square measure made to store water throughout the rainy seasons, offer water to the native life, and store water for electricity power generation, and irrigation. Storage dams square measure the foremost common styles of dams.

6) Detention Dam

Detention dams square measure specifically made for control by retarding flow downstream, serving to cut back flash floods (to some extent). The water is maintained in a very reservoir to be later stepped by step-free. 


7) Gravity Dam

A gravity dam could be a huge, semisynthetic concrete dam designed to carry giant volumes of water. Thanks to the serious concrete used, it’s ready to resist the horizontal thrust of the water, and gravity basically holds the dam to the bottom. They are accustomed to Block Rivers in wide valleys and should be engineered on a powerful foundation of bedrock.

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