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What Is The Surveying And Types Of Surveying With Detail

What Is The Surveying |Types Of Surveying With Detail |

What Is The Surveying And Types Of Surveying

Today I have the topic of surveying definition. What Is The Surveying, Types Of Surveying With Detail?|What Is The Surveying And Types Of Surveying With Detail PDF.

What Is The Surveying?

Surveying or land surveying is the technique, profession, art, and science of deciding the terrestrial two-dimensional or three-dimensional positions of points and therefore the distances and angles between them. A land surveying skill is named a land surveyor

What Is The Surveying And Types Of Surveying

Types of Surveying

Surveying will primarily be classified into a pair of groups-

  1. Plane measure
  2. Geodetic or Trigonometrically measure

Plane Surveying

The plane measure deals with little areas on the surface of the world assumptive the surface of the land to be plane. therefore curvature of the world is neglected. The plane measure will be divided into the following ways:


Chain Surveying

  • The area to be surveyed is split into a variety of triangles
  • The length of the perimeters square measure was measured and also the interior details recorded
  • The whole square measure is then premeditated on a drawing sheet to an appropriate scale to supply the map.

Traverse Survey

  • The plot of the setup is basined on a series of straight lines creating angles with one another.
  • The length of the lines and angles square measure measured and premeditated with details on a paper to an appropriate scale to supply the map.

Plane Table Survey

  • The observations and plotting square measure were done at the same time
  • A paper or sheet is mounted on a graduated surveying instrument
  • The field observations square measure taken and recorded aspect by aspect on the paper and eventually the map is ready.

Ordinary Leveling

  • The elevations of various points on the world surface square measure determined.
  • Provides all the elevation information required for construction activities

Geodetic Surveying

The geodetic measure deals with huge areas, therefore curvature must be thought of geodetically measures are often divided into the following ways:


  • A network of well-defined triangles is made on the plot of land to be surveyed.
  • One of the lines is taken into account because the baseline, all different lines, and angles square measure then measured consequently.

Reciprocal Leveling

  • Used in leveling across streams, gullies, and different obstructions to eliminate instrumental errors
  • Level readings square measure taken from 2 setups at 2 totally different points
  • The distinction in levels between 2 sites with obstructions is set through this survey.

Tachometry or Stadia Survey

  • A gun sight instrument is employed to live distances
  • It incorporates a transit controlled by AN operator and A-level employees controlled by another surveyor at a distance.
  • Both vertical and horizontal distances square measure computed through stadia (the 2 horizontal markings on a theodolite) readings

Astronomical Surveying

  • The meridian, azimuth, latitude, longitude, etc. of the plot to be surveyed is set with the assistance of celestial bodies.

Photographic Surveying

  • Maps square measure ready from images taken from appropriate camera stations; the stations are often even airplanes.
  • The output could be a map, a drawing, or a 3D model of some real-world scene or object

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