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What Are The Traverse |Types Of Traverse And Method Of Traversing

What Are The Traverse |What Is The Types Of Traverse |What Is The Method Of Traversing

What Are The Traverse |Types Of Traverse And Method Of Traversing

In this article, I will explain the traverse definition of traverse and What Is The Traverse Types Of Traverse And Method Of Traversing| What Is Traverse | Are The Types Of Traverse | The Method Of Traversing. What Are The Traverse |Types Of Traverse And Method Of Traversing

 What Are The Traverse |Types Of Traverse And Method Of Traversing

A traverse may be a series of connected lines whose lengths and directions square measure to be measured and therefore the method of measurement to seek out such measurements is thought as traversing. In general, chains square {measure} accustomed live length and compass or surveyor’s instrument square measure accustomed measure the direction of traverse lines. the categories of traverse and strategies of traversing square measure mentioned during this article.

Types of Traverse

A Traverse is also of 2 varieties.

Open Traverse
Closed Traverse

1. Open Traverse

A traverse is claimed to be open traverse once the traverse starts at one purpose and terminates at another purpose as shown within the figure. Open traverse is additionally known as as unclosed traverse. it’s appropriate for measurement of roads, coastal lines, etc.

2. Closed Traverse

A traverse is claimed to be closed traverse once the traverse fashioned a circuit as shown within the figure. during this case, each beginning and terminating points of the traverse coincide with one another. it’s appropriate for the survey of boundaries of ponds, sports grounds, forests, etc.


Methods of Traversing

The traversing is performed by four completely different strategies and these strategies square measure classified in line with the survey instrument used. The strategies square measure as follows.

Chain Traversing

Compass Traversing

Theodolite Traversing

Plane Table Traversing

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1. Chain Traversing

Chain traversing is finished by taking linear measurements solely. In this survey the chain or tape is enough for chain traversing. The angle between the adjacent traverse lines is measured victimization the chain angles idea. Chain traversing is performed in areas like ponds etc. wherever it’s tough to adopt triangulation. The chain angles idea is nothing however finding the angle between 2 adjacent facets by establishing the third side victimization tie stations. This angle between the perimeters can even be fastened by establishing a chord of famed length between the perimeters.

2. Compass Traversing

In the case of compass traversing, each linear and angular measurement of traverse lines square measure taken by victimization chain and prismatic compass severally. each fore bearing and back bearings square measure was measured and needed corrections for native attraction square measure applied. If any closing error is obtained while plotting of traverse, then the Nathaniel Bowditch rule is applied for the adjustment of error.

3. Theodolite Traversing

In the case of surveyor’s instrument traversing, the linear measurements square measure done by victimization chain or stadia methodology and angular measurements square measure done by surveyor’s instrument. victimization surveyor’s instrument, the magnetic bearing of the primary traverse line is measured and from that magnetic bearing of different sides square measure calculated. This methodology is incredibly correct compared to different strategies.

4. Plane Table Traversing

In the case of surveyor’s instrument traversing, the measurement and plotting of the traverse on the paper square measure done at the same time. The surveyor’s instrument instrumentality is about up at each traverse station one by one during a right-handed or anti-clockwise direction. the perimeters of every traverse station square measure drawn on paper to an appropriate scale. If there’s any closing error, graphical strategies square measure used for its adjustment.

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