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What Is The Difference Between Foundation And Footing

Difference Between Foundation And Footing |What Is The Foundation | What Is The Footing

What Is The Difference Between Foundation And Footing

Today I have the topic of related foundation and footing foundation use in all construction work. What Is The Foundation | What Is The Footing

Foundation And Footing

Footing and foundation area unit called identical. folks area unit confused if there’s a standardized distinction. However, there area unit few major variations between footing and foundation. they’re mentioned below.

Footing vs Foundation
Followings area unit the variations between Footing and Foundation

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  • Foundation may be a structure that transfers its gravity hundreds to earth from structure.
  • Foundation are often compared with legs.
  • Foundation are often shallow and deep.
  • Foundation sorts embrace piles, caissons, footings, piers, the lateral supports, and anchors
  • Foundation is an intensive support as a result of it provides support to a gaggle of footings as a whole building
  • Foundation is that the support that bears all types of loadings.
  • Foundations area unit the basement walls.
  • Foundation is in direct contact with the soil and transmits it to the bottom
  • Not all foundations area unit footings.


  • The footing may be a formation that is involved with the bottom.
  • Footing are often analogized with the feet of the leg.
  • The footing may be a style of shallow foundation.
  • Footing includes block, rebar that area unit fancied of masonry, masonry or concrete.
  • Footing reinforces support to a personal column.
  • A variety of footings depend upon a foundation.
  • A footing is below the inspiration wall.
  • Footing transmits hundreds on to the soil.
  • All footings area unit foundations.

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