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What Is The Elastomeric Bearing It’s Behaviour Types And Uses

What Is The Elastomeric Bearing |Behaviour Of Elastomeric Bearing| Uses Of Elastomeric Bearing| Types Of Elastomeric Bearing

What Is The Elastomeric Bearing It’s Behaviour Types And Uses

In this Topic i will explain What Is The Elastomeric Bearing |Behaviour Of Elastomeric Bearing| Uses Of Elastomeric Bearing| Types Of Elastomeric Bearing.What Is The Elastomeric Bearing It’s Behaviour Types And Uses.What Is The Elastomeric Bearing It’s Behaviour Types And Uses


  • Appications
  • Dimensions
  • Eastomeric bearing sorts
  • Production and quality

What Is The Elastomeric Bearing

A laminated elastomeric bearing is Associate in Nursing elastomerit rubber black bolstered with steel plates processed once engineered. This bearing is that the association between a structure and its support, and will build the subsequent doable through elastic deformation.

  • Transmission of traditional forces
  • Horizontal movements
  • Rotation of the structure in any direction
  • Transmission of horizontal forces, among outlined limits.

It may even be given a slippery plane for withstanding giant movements of the structure and additionally having a 1 or 2 horizontal movement lockup systems.
All Freyssinet bearings area unit metal certified.

Behaviour of Elastomeric Bearing

Each elemental layer, subject to stesses and assements, deflects as shown within the 3 technique

  • Compression
  • Rotation
  • Horizontal Deformation

Sheers that occur within the elastomene lagers depend upon the scale, stresses and ab the chasterities of the elastaner used size of bearings relies on limiting these stasers in accordance with cheet tional itemtional regulation

Use of Elastomeric Bearing

Banded easterment bearings area unit dirt employed in the structures field that this product has several benefits long service life, dependableness martenance re ightness, everywhere diressions and eny to put in These qualties also are wanted within the building field wherever laminated elastomen bearings is also used for fitting vibrations (reduction of nose annoyance for example) at even earthquake proof insulators (atlersation reduction).

Installation of Elastomeric Bearing

Installation paleya vita confilium economical operation and long lasting quality Arrangements ought to be created at Diamond Statesign|the planning|the look} stage for providing spare de willce round the bearings in order that they can the monitored and probably replaced.

Types of Bearing

  1. Standard bearings

  2. Bearings with anchor plates

  3. Bearings with slippery surface

  4. Restrained bearings

Standard bearings

Bearings area unit separately moulded and also the reinforcing plates area unit fully buried within the stuff with a minimum of 4mm lateral cowl and gerecy two.5mm thick (type B outside Layers with the exception of bearings given thick external bands ( sort c)
These bearings could have an oblong sq. or circular section they will even have holes for rurning specific materials tho’ (cross bar anchor), for fitting damping material or for reducing vertical stiffness

Bearings with anchor plates

Freyssinet offers severel solutions acceptable for various configurations, considering the range of construction strategies for structures and also the stresses transmited by bearings.

Bearings with slippery surface

Laminated elastometic bearings are often fitted with a sling surface comprising a PIFE (polytetrafluoroetylene) sheet swaybacked within the stuff of the bearing or notched within the high thick outer plate Associate in Nursingd a slippery plate given an austenitc steel sheet for decks requiring important movement so,the engineered up bearing solely provides little or no moverment reistance (limited to PIFE/ steel friction)

Restrained bearings

Transfer of enormous horizontal masses in either direction decision be provided exploitation
steel guides


Freyssinet effers synthetic rubber and natural rubber based mostly bearings to satisfy totally different
national inrernational standards (BS, AASHTO DIN nut, etc.), Producion quality
of these bearing warranted by acceptable formulation, management of combine preparation
and plate surface treatment qulity, still as by the care applied to construction and moulding internal and external inspections area unit created at every production stage.

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