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Calculate the Estimate of Rock Fill Dam

Calculate the Estimate of Rock Fill Dam

what is the rockfill dam?

how to calculate the estimate of rock fill dam

the rockfill dam is a structure to be constructed with a stone across a gulley to make water flow slow, rockfill dam (RFD) has to be constructed across the first order and 2nd order gullies in upper parts of catchments to reduce the speed of the rainwater and protect the fertile soil from erosion in farmer’s land.

now we calculate the estimate of rockfill dam given data

construction of RFD have gully depth is 1.2m.gully width is 6m.purpose of the RFD is to prevent the future deepening of the gully and prevent damage to the field

dimension of the work

RFD has a 7m wall including 0.5m key wall both sides having a height of 1m and the total width of the structure is 4.5m,

body wall top width 0.5m, height,1.00m(freeboard =0.30m|) u/s slope is 1:1,d/s slope is 1.5:1, apron thickness is 0.30m.toe wall width 0.60. and depth 0.0m and length of the apron0.90m and suppose the length of the headwall is 7m.below given drawing.


how to calculate the estimate of rock fill dam

detail of task one 

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Earthwork excavation and deposition on the bank with an initial lead of 10m and lift of 2m in loamy and clay soils for construction rockfill dam. in this detail of rockfill dam to calculate the estimate.

detail quantity of work

1 body wall measurement including core wall

length of wall 7m

bottom width 3m

foundation depth 03m

2 for apron 

length of stone 0.9m

width of apron 0.60m

depth of foundation 0.3m

3 toe wall 

length 6m

width 0.6m

depth of foundation 0.6m

4 end bank mark leveling 

length 1m

width 3.0m

depth 0.6m

detail for 2

rough stone dry packing with 225mm thick cost od stone and labor cost of stone is taken as 100m it is available with the distance of 100m from the site

1 For main wall (filling of foundation)

length 7.0m


depth 03m

2 for the main wall above ground level

length 7.0m

width 3.0+0.5/2

height above ground 1m

3 for apron

length 0.9m

width 6m

height .3m

4 for toe wall

length =width = 6m

width 6m

height 6m

5 for wing wall

length above the bottom wall

wing wall is two both sides

length =width of core wall= 1+.5+1.5=3

width 0.225m

height 0.45m

6 over apron

apron also 2

length=legth of apron +width of toe wall=.9+.6=1.5

width of wing wall 0.225

height of wing wall .45

7 deduction for overlapping with headwall

the headwall is also 2

length average width of the core wall up to a height of 0.45m

average bottom +top width/2   = 3+1.875/2=2.44

width of the wing wall 0.225

average height outside the headwall = .45+0/2= 0.225

detail estimate

s no decripirtion unit of work nos length(m) width(m) depth(m) quantity(m)
1 detail of 01
a foundation for body wall including core wall cum 1 7 3 0.3 6.3
b foundation of apron cum 1 0.9 6 0.3 1.62
c the foundation of the toe wall cum 1 6 0.6 0.6 2.16
d embankment leveling cum 2 1 3 0.6 3.6
total 13.68
e for inlet and outlet m3 2 2 4 3 4.8
total 96.8
2 detail of 2
a filling foundation for body and apron including core wall below Gl m3 1 7 3 0.3 6.3
b above ground m3 1 7 3+.05=1.7 1 12.25
c apron m3 1 0.9 6 0.3 1.62
d toe wall m3 1 6 0.6 0.25 0.61
e wing wall 0.45 over BW M3 2 3 0.45 0.225 0.61
F over apron and toe m3 2 0.90+0.60=1.5 0.45 0.225 0.31
g deduct BW quantity m3 2 3+1.875/2=2.44 0.45/2=0.255 0.225 -0.25
total 23



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