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  • Construction Informationdamp proofing

    Damp Prove Course Harmful Effects of DPC Causes of Dampness

    Damp prove course, harmful effects of D.P.C, Causes of dampness what is the damp proof course?         the continuous layer of nonabsorbent materials which is laid between the path of moisture and building structure is called a damp proof course. entrance of any kind of wetness to the building is called should it enters through walls, floors,…

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  • Quantity Surveyingestimate of t-wall

    Estimate of the T-wall and What is The T-Shape Wall

    Estimate of the T-wall and what is the T shape wall? what is the t shape wall? when two walls meet vertically each other in such a way that one wall is built in the middle of the other, the walls are called T-walls. Example: work the following quantities from given data and sketch 1 Earthwork    2 Concrete work …

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